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Wentworth is a small historic town located in the far south-west of NSW, 1047 km west of Sydney. This place is known as the gateway to outback NSW and is popular for numerous reasons, one being an underrated tourist destination. And nestled at the confluence of Australia’s longest rivers Murray and Darling, Wentworth Backpackers neighbours several of these jaw-dropping underrated natural attractions that you can explore.

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Wentworth Wharf

Wentworth Wharf, a historical landmark of the town built back in 1879 carries a history of its own. It is considered as the hive of industry and is said to have been built using local timber. After its demolition in 1983, it was rebuilt as a similar replica. It was also the third busiest port in Australia after Sydney and Newcastle. Walking around the town, you will get to know what importance this place carries in the localities of Wentworth. Back then this place was filled with boats of all sizes, making it the busiest inland port and now it stands as an ideal place to start your exploration which now is a great place to explore during your visit to Wentworth.

A Man Called Possum

While Wentworth is famous for numerous reasons, one is because of a man named David James, popularly known as Possum - A Riverland Legend. He had a normal childhood like every other did. He was born in Ruapuna, New Zealand in 1901 and later migrated to Australia at the age of 23. But when he turned 28, he had to go through the phase of anxiety and depression because of the Great Worldwide Economic Depression of the 1930s. He was mostly seen in the river basins of Murray and Darling repairing wooden fences, chopping logs, etc. to help out the local residents. Despite his lifestyle, he never accepted help in terms of food and shelter but was always ready to help local regions without anyone’s request. After his demise in the age of 82, his statue was built at the Fortherby Park, Wentworth as a tribute to his good deeds and life story.

Perry Sandhills

Perry Sandhills lies 6km west of Wentworth on Renmark Road which was originated 40,000 years ago after the formation of wind erosion. It is a unique landmark of 822 acres with continuously shifting sand dunes and mesmerizing view of Red Gum River making it an ideal place for an adventure trip and family picnics. Residing at the edge of the floodplain, this aboriginal heritage has been used as a backdrop in several movies and shows.

Ferguson Tractor Monument

Ferguson tractor monument was built in honour of being part to prevent the deluge and further devastation of the township during the flood in 1956. A vulnerable situation that terrorized the town with fear due to the heavy rainfalls in Western Queensland flowing down to the Murray-Darling Basin. With the knowledge, determination and support of Ferguson tractors, Army & Navy, levees were constructed that were able to hold water for months helping the floodwater to turn away.

Wentworth Pioneer Museum

Wentworth Pioneer Museum is yet another Wentworth’s cultural heritage with a range of artifacts and ancient antiquities. This museum contains an interesting historic collection of more than 3,000 artifacts that depict the history of Wentworth region and its locality. With a range of megafauna and photos of paddle streamers, this place will excite historians and archeologists to dig up these historic remnants of Wentworth region.

Darling River Run

Darling River Run - a 730km long driving route practically hugging Australia’s greatest and longest waterway is a wonderful route to explore the scenic beauty and cultural heritage across Outbacks of NSW. This four-day drive will take you through indigenous culture and the population of Australia making it an ideal adventure trip to explore the iconic darling river rushing beside you.

PS Ruby

The flagship of the port of Wentworth, PS Ruby was built in 1907 by David Milne. It could carry 30 passengers and was 205 tons gross and 123’9” in length. The route depended upon the water in the rivers but the common route was Morgan to Swan Hill. But the committee of locals planned to restore Ruby in 2004 and now it stands tall as one of the local attractions in Wentworth’s localities.

Junction Park

Junction Park is laid out in a peaceful area that overlooks the junction of Darling and Murray River. This park with its viewing tower lets you observe the fourth largest river system in the world. This place is perfect for family tours so don’t forget to give this park a visit on your trip to Wentworth.